In memory of my Dad…

I just learned today, through a random act of fate, that my father died on Mar. 7, 2006. I realize that it occurred more than 4 years ago and it really states a lot about how much we knew each other. The fact is, we did not know each other. We only met twice and both of those times were brief, when compared to the lifespan of a human being’s existence. Frankly, I considered not even bothering. He gave me nothing, not time, not money, and not the least amount of effort.

I take it back, he did give me one thing and it is something I have carried with me all my life. He gave me an example of how not to be a father. He showed me exactly what a father is not. As a result of the way he ignored me and my very existence, I chose to be nothing like him. I have spent my entire adulthood being a father who is there(perhaps sometimes too much) for my children. Sure, I am not perfect, no parent is, but  I am a far cry from what my father was. Vastly superior in every way.

So, in conclusion, I wanted to say thx Dad for showing me how not to be. Even though I am sure, it was not your intention to teach me anything.



(Died from Acute Renal Failure)



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2 responses to “In memory of my Dad…

  1. Masta J

    Takes a real man to see through it like that. Im proud of you. Liked you website keep up the good work!


  2. I like to think so, Jamie. How’s Minneapolis looking this time of year? Thx for commenting!


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