New Picture Poll Results…

Well, it has been a week since I posted them pictures up here at my blog. Readers and facebook friends were given the chance to vote for their favorite picture. One would think having more than 100 facebook friends and hundreds of visits to my blog every day I would have a decent sampling from which to draw a conclusive result from a poll. However, such was not the case.

People have to actually vote in order for a poll to work and that was not the case this time. Yes, I did receive some votes and I appreciate and thank those who did take the few seconds that it took to do the poll. But I did not receive a enough to constitute any real results. Guess I should have known better as lately these seems to be some ignore Axe consensus going on. People do not reply to posts here or at facebook. I could probably make a post to facebook saying all my facebook friends suck and the only response I would likely get is one person might “like” it.

Not sure why everyone seems to be in ignore mode lately but I am certain that it must be my fault. I am bad and evil, therefore it must be my fault. W/e, looks like I will be making the decision of which pics and where they will be used.

Thx again to those of you who did vote.  As thank you to those who voted, I removed the original post so only those who voted, got to see all of the pictures. Enjoy!


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