Book Progress

When starting a project of this magnitude, one never knows how much time, effort, or hair loss will occur. Seems like mere days ago I sat down and typed out what was to be the first few lines of this book. In fact, it has been nearly 3 weeks and 9 chapters and more than 150 pages since I began. Much better progress than I could have imagined and the progress had been steady, flowing, and with the exception of a few sick days, remarkably hair loss free.

I am beginning to believe that this book found me and not the other way around but I am grateful, nonetheless that it feels like that. I cannot remember a time when a project has went so well.

I do firmly believe that no matter what kind of book, readers like to read, that this book has a place within every book shelf. It has little bit of many different subjects while carrying a story that is truly worth reading. I feel blessed that it is coming out so well and that am the one who gets to share it with the world.

If you find yourself in need of a good book to read, take a moment to subscribe to my blog using the button, near the top of the right side, of this blog. Once I have seen your name added to my subscribers list, I will personally mail you a password. Subscribing is totally free and you won’t receive a bunch of emails from me. I am too lazy for that.:)

As the book gets closer to publishing date, I will be removing even those 4 chapters from my blog in preparation for my next project.

Until next time I type… Have fun and be good to each other.

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