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Been doing a lot lately and most of it has been related to the release of my new novel, Little Moments Of Truth(now wishing I would have chosen a shorter name).Recently reviews have been posted for the e-book version at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. (I am thankful for the kind reviews,btw.) I created a fan page for my book and future books at Facebook(Link is over there—->) and will be giving away a few free copies to fans ONLY.(So go “like” my page if you want a chance at a free e-book) I also received in the mail yesterday, a proof copy, of the print version and hopefully by Monday I will have a video up about that.

Here at the blog I have also made a few changes. I changed themes mainly because I wanted a different layout and posted links for purchasing my new novel and to my new fan page at FB. Oh and it is also snowing on my blog, lol! With the new darker theme it was much more visible this year. I also eliminated a few buttons that were not needed anymore and I believe it has made the page load slightly faster.

And lastly, although this is not really about any update, I felt that it was a good time to say thank you to every reader who has stuck with me through the 3 1/2 years this blog has been active. I have enjoyed posting all the funny pictures and jokes I find in my email box or around the internet. From the looks of my hit counter(nearing 500k now) others have enjoyed what I have been posting. I hope to continue doing this as long I can and I hope you continue reading and laughing at what I post. Have a great holiday season everyone and try to be kind to one another. πŸ™‚

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