You don’t know what winter is until…

What is in these pictures happens to you, LOL! These were extracted directly from an email I received. Nothing has been altered in any way. Enjoy and try to stay warm everyone!

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3 responses to “You don’t know what winter is until…

  1. Nancy

    I sure dont miss winters up north. Do You??


  2. Well, I liked the snowball fights and building things with the snow such as snowmen,forts, and such. However, I did not miss shoveling it. I know there is a difference in degrees of the winter but once your blood has thinned, cold is cold.


  3. Delly

    Boy- I even hate cold weather! I moved to the south to avoid snow and cold weather but, alas and alack, it has followed me here. J.VB. you are really right about when your blood thins out. I was on a site when people started to laugh at us because it got to the 20’s. Little did they realize that only a few weeks prior to that , it was in the 70’s. A 50 degree difference is a lot and you get COLD fast. I used to laugh at winter clothing appearing in stores down here but now that I live here it has stopped me from laughing. Snow only looks good in pictures that other people have shared! And in Currier and Ives paintings!


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