The present and the future of the fan page…

Before I delve too far into my typing of Shadow Shifters and get lost in another reality, I thought I would take but a small moment to mention a few things.

1.In the near future I will be adding some customized pages to this fan site. Custom pages will give the site more flair and interest, however, writing time cannot be compromised in order to do so. Therefore, they will be added as I have time. My graphics skills are good, I welcome the challenge, and look forward to bringing these to you when I can.

2. We want more fans, this not only benefits me, it benefits everyone. From the extra people we will have to discuss with to the potential buyers that will allow me to donate more money from book sales. Everyone benefits, so either suggest the page, comment on posts, or start a discussion on the boards. Post pictures, videos, share stories/jokes, w/e, participate… every little bit helps! (Just remember to keep it clean and avoid discussing taboos, I.E. religion and politics)

3. Lastly, I am still seeking an administrator. They should speak English fluently and saying you are qualified does not make you qualified. References please! LOL! Use the contact page of my blog if you are interested and qualified. Thx for reading and have a good one!

JB Thomas

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