Final print edit done!

After scouring the book for every possible error known to man, the edits have been done and I, for one, am glad. 🙂 While redoing the print version I added more pages. It is now 418 pages but will cost the same. I also re-designed the book cover with something I believe more accurately represents what the book is about. As an added bonus I included an author’s note section and the entire first chapter, of the first book, in the Shadow Shifters series. Here’s a picture of the new cover(click on the thumbnail to see it full size)-


For those of you who may have just joined in, I am currently donating 20% of all e-book sales during this month(December) and anyone who “likes” my facebook page will be eligible for participation in a drawing, I will be doing at the end of this month, for some free copies of the e-book version. Links for buying the e-book version are on the left side of this blog and a link for my facebook page is on the right side. Until next time… Take care and have a great day!

J.B. Thomas


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