New Book Review(Little Moments Of Truth)

A new customer review has been posted on the website. It states- “What a great read! Do not be put off by the subject of war, it is so much more than that. A well written, suspense filled story, which will keep you engrossed until the end.”-sparrklie

Furthermore, she even took the time to personally write to me about the book and here are her exact words.-

“Wow… all I can say is that. I’ve finished the book and personally found it fantastic. War isn’t my kind of thing but you kept me engrossed and wanting to read more and more. I did feel for Sue at the end… again, brilliant descriptions. Am gonna be recommending your book to my friends.”- Jus Ford

There you have it, the third review of my novel. How many more do you need to see before you will consider buying it, lol! Here’s the link in case you now are interested. Have a good one!

JB Thomas

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