Capturing a Nanosecond(high speed pics)

These pics were taken from an email I received and have not been altered by me. The comments are mine though. Just click on the thumbnails to see the full size pics. Enjoy!

Capturing a Nanosecond

Were they a little high at their wedding?

Did the doctor say no more pork?

Think she is awake yet?

I wonder, would the shoe have kept him grounded?

Well, it’s not a cannonball but it looks nearly as dangerous.

This one just makes me wince.

Oh Crap! Bull crap in this case!

Even he seems to want to look away from this picture.

And the CAT flew over the moon?

Tell me he did not get his license from Wal-Mart!

Water whips? Seems like something Aquaman’s wife might own.

Did he think they were filming in 3D?

Cut around the bowl?

He’s not hurt. He is just checking the tread.

Look! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope, it’s just Super Dumbass!

Floating dogs? I knew I should have gotten a dog.

Maybe a Lion instead…seems they float too!

Wait a second! My cat doesn’t float, I want my money back!

World’s Strongest man? Well, he is holding him up with one hand. 🙂

What gave this guy the idea that rockets and water would make a good combination?

Cat: Did I do that?

Hey! Don’t you know that fish was tagged? Now we lost our count!

One last thing- a nanosecond is one billionth of a second!


©2011-J.B. Thomas



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2 responses to “Capturing a Nanosecond(high speed pics)

  1. Artswebshow

    Ouch, that bike wheel must have done some serious damage to the guys face.
    Awesome captures though


  2. Ya, I thought they were pretty good for the most part.That is why I included all of the pics from the email. Glad you liked.:)


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