Free Book giveaway!!!

Starting Feb. 1st and continuing until Feb. 28th a new contest will be taking place on my Facebook author page, with 2 winners receiving a free copy of the print version of my book Little Moments of Truth. The print version contains everything the e-book does and includes extras such as, the full first Chapter of my forth coming novel: Shadow Shifters- Revelations of Dawn. The winners will receive an exact copy of the PDF file that was used to create the print version.

Eligibility- To be eligible to participate you must meet the following requirements.( No Purchase is necessary!!!)-

1. You must have “liked” the author page.

2. You must participate on the author page by posting comments, liking posts, making posts of interest, or suggesting the page to others.

3. You agree that after you finish reading the free copy to post a review of the book to the author page.


The winners will be determined by me and I will be using site stats solely as my measuring tool for who wins. The contest is open to anyone who has a valid email address and meets the above 3 requirements.

Good Luck to all!

J.B. Thomas


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