I injured my hand!

I would have been nice to know that I could injure my hand in the way that I did before I actually accomplished it. I certainly did not set out to learn it the hard way as I was so prone to do when I was younger. It does seem that the motives are not nearly important as actual result in this case.

Did you know you could injure your hand through the act of mouse-clicking? I am not talking about constant repeat clicking such as clicking 1000 times per hour or anything like that. I am speaking normal daily right-clicking that occurs during the course of a regular day.

It would appear that is exactly what I have managed to do though. Somehow through my daily use of the computer and normal right clicking activity I have managed to injure the muscle and/or nerve behind my right index finger. The pain is so great I am now forced to type with limited finger use on my right hand and have to use the mouse with my left hand.

Perhaps to some this may seem like a blessing. It means they will have less stuff to ignore. For others, though they might indeed be in the minority, it means the typing of my current book will be delayed. While the mere thought of having to delay my book sickens and saddens me, it seems I have no other choice at this time.

Until next time I type, TC and be good to each other.

J. B. Thomas


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