Happy Valentine’s Day

Alright, so who is this Valentine and why do they get a day? No, I am not going to go into some snooze feast history lesson about how this holiday historically came to be. Considering just how many websites will be doing that today, that would place my post in a new level of redundancy. With that in mind, let us proceed. 🙂

I should point out the obvious because I have learned what is obvious to myself may not be obvious others. I have no doctorate or degree in regards to matters of love nor anything even remotely similar, such as psychology or sociology. The only knowledge I have pertaining to this subject is completely personal and based on 20+ years of being married to the same woman. If you feel that might make this post worthy of your time, then by all means keep reading. On the flip side, if you believe that is insufficient and you have superior knowledge, by all means either share your wisdom in the comments section or don’t let the door hit you where the god lord split you, on your way out .

Valentine’s day is one of those holidays that can be either really good for a relationship or really bad. However, there many things we can do to make sure that Cupid’s arrow does not shoot us in the ass. I won’t list every tip known to man here. Just a few of the what I believe are the most important ones. So here they are:

1.Don’t get into hock just to please your cock! LOL! All I am trying to say is don’t over spend in hopes of getting some special loving out of it. Not only is that the wrong motivation or reason for getting something nice, it is also just an argument waiting to happen later, when the bill comes for that expensive gift.

2. If you must set a precedence, set one of chaos. If this is your first Valentine’s day with someone, don’t go out and buy them something expensive, even if the reason is from a good place and you can afford it. If you buy an expensive gift the first Valentine’s day he/she will be expecting something nice every year. However, if you buy several less expensive items, then they will not know what to expect.

3. The best present you can give is a memory. I am certain some might disagree with this notion, however, those who are disagreeing are probably those materialistic types of people who are better off alone, lol! Anyway, if you aim to give a memory instead of items, then your gift will have much more meaning and it is likely no matter how bad the economy is, you will always be able to afford it.

4. Size does matter! However, in the regards to Valentine’s day, smaller is better. I am not just talking about the size of the box or present, I am also referring to a gesture. Doing little things that you do not normally do. Extra kisses, cooking dinner, housecleaning(lol),etc. are little things you can do this day that will surprise and put a smile on their face.

5.Don’t put a target on your ass! You do exactly that by placing too much emphasis on this day. Everyday you spend with someone you love is an important day. Therefore, if you do little things, at varied days throughout every year, the power that little cupid has, is lessened. A cupid with little power does not shoot very well. 🙂

So there you have few tips that hopefully will help you and your loved ones experience a happier and safer Valentine’s day. Have a great day!



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