Not an Ipad 2 to be had…

Really? No Ipad 2 to be found anywhere within 100 miles of me, less than an half hour after they go on sale. Who the hell organised this launch? I mean really, you usually expect screwed up stuff like this from companies like Microcrap, not Apple.

You should understand when I say the Bestbuy nearest me sold out within 15-20 minutes, it was in suburb more than 30 miles outside Houston,Tx. thus it should not have suffered what people described in these articles here and here. However, my wife who went directly to Bestbuy of Rosenberg, Tx from work, was told when she arrived around 5:15, 5;20 pm that they had completely sold out of all models except for 2 that were on reserve. WTF? Reserve? This is launch day stupid Bestbuy retards!!! Reserving items on launch day is unprofessional. So is selling a bunch of them to “gray marketeers”. What the hell is wrong with businesses in this country? They want our money but will only take it how they want it. Doesn’t that seem a little backward to you?

After bestbuy, my wife went to 2 Walmarts, a Target, and even an Apple store and was told basically the same thing. All of them, including the Apple store, had been sold out since 5:30. That to me seems like incredibly bad planning on Apple’s part. I do not even live in a highly populated metropolitian area yet could not find a single Ipad2 within a half hour of its release.

So after my wife gave up looking (can we blame her after 5 stores and over 100 miles of driving) I ordered it online directly from Apple. I recieved my confirmation email from Apple today. It stated that my Ipad 2 will be shipped on April 1st. How appropiate! Its truly been a magical experience so far!


©2011- JB Thomas


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