While my computer gently weeps…

Before Steve Jobs, the title of this post would have made sense to no one. However, it his dream and seemingly his lifelong goal, (which had always been the same) and make this title understandable. His dream was to make computers personal and useful to all. From the early Apple computers to the Ipad, it would seem he finally got there but for a while it did not look like he would make it. Apple was struggling against the competition but then Steve did something nobody expected. He stepped out side of his comfort zone and he made a very large gamble on humanity. He bet that people would rather pay for something rather than steal. It was with this idea in mind that Itunes was born and that was the beginning of the Apple transformation. This idea and Itunes became the foundations with which every future Apple product stood upon.

Last night, I opened my Ipad and was informed of Steve’s passing. Even though I knew he was sick, we all did, it still left me shocked as I tried to grasp just what it meant for the world. The answer to that is far greater and deeper than most of us can clearly realize. Yet, there is hope. We have been given a direction we need only stay the course.

Thank you Steve, for betting on humanity, for never giving up on your dreams, and for showing us the way to a brighter future. Your inspiration and vision will be sorely missed.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs 1955-2011



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