The Inbetween-Part 2

For those who missed part 1, it is here.

Have you ever had a friend whom you really liked, but discovered with time, that they were bad for you? You know the best thing you can do for yourself is to let this friend go but for awhile you linger on, hoping things might change. Hoping that there was something you might of missed that will change everything. However, the longer you hang on hoping, the more you get poisoned by them until a moment comes when you realize..Bam! You either have to let them go or your life. After posting and considering all the implications of the “The Inbetween”, I saw with the greatest lucidity I have had in years. I saw that the time for change had come.

How I got to this point might be interesting to ponder on. The resultant analysis might be intriqing to examine however, just as everything I’ve  posted, as of late it, like this post in general, it would just be something else to poison me further. Thus I shall not go there. It is not worth the time to type, since in all likelihood, few will read this anyway. Suffice it to say, that I shall not be the last person to see things for what they really are. I shall not be the last one to sense the direction society is heading. I shall not be the last artist to discover that we are no longer needed.

What does need to be typed, however, is the decision that was reached by me. Before I delve deeper into that though, let me state clearly, that it is with heavy heart and saddened soul that I do so. But I have been left with no other reasonable choice. I can find nothing new that would change my mind. I have found no way out of it. One cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results, for that is indeed mad.

The time has come for me to end the poisoning society has been injecting me with. The bitterness toward others, who ignore everything that is original, needs to end. While it is true that I could not, no matter how much I tried, stop creating things. It is also true, that there is no law that requires me to share them, with anyone on the internet. Taking the time to do so just wastes time I could be spending doing other things. It just adds to the poisoning. When you take the time to share a creation and nobody, not even a single individual bothers to notice, it just poisons you. It makes you feel like you are less than human, you don’t exist, your invisible. You are simply unworthy of anyone’s attention. Nobody should ever be made to feel that way. A society that shuns its artists is a society that will soon find itself fundamentually unbalanced.

Thusly I have decided I will no longer share ANY new creation in the future. I will however, post things I have promised. This includes one song and 3 books. I have always tried to be a man who keeps his word, so those things shall be shared. I refuse to lower myself to point where I break my word. After those above-mentioned items have been shared I will begin the systematic removal of all friends, on every social network, who’s only reason for adding me was another person to advertise to.

What does this all really mean though? For most people it means nothing. For them, this post will be as any of my posts have been, for quite awhile now. Nothing worthy of notice and ignored. For me it means 20+ songs, 10+books, and over 800 pictures shall never be revealed to the internet. For me, it means all those things will not contribute to poisoning mind anymore. For me, it means that those things will likely fall into oblivion. However, I would argue oblivion is by far a better place to be than hell.



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