There are times..

There are times… when we want to run out the door and scream in someone’s face, yell at the world, rattle the cage until it falls to pieces. The rage inside and the injustice of things people do or say to us seems, so overwhelming, so intense, that for a few minutes, the only thing we can think about is how to make them pay, how to make them see what they are doing. We want to shove into their face and down their throats the facts, the reality, the very truth of the matter. Of how deeply, they are hurting people. We want to rip open their tiny little minds, and let something other than dust, get inside.

Luckily for us, we are a civilized society and doing such a thing is frowned upon. Thus we must we refrain…take a time out. We must try to walk a distance from the entire situation and clearly think about, how we deal with such acts, of deliberate hurt. If we do not do so, then we in turn become as they are. We become that which we despise. This is most certainly not the course we wish to drive upon.

Therefore, we step back. We fume, we vent, we discharge, however slowly, until the anger becomes more of a dull ache. We succumb to the pain inflicted and delve into its depths for awhile, letting ourselves float in the dark, cold embrace of sorrow. Sometimes we hope that we drown in the dark waters of the mind, but alas, it never does seem to take us. Finally, after some time, we rise from this also.

Then we begin to reflect upon all that we have seen and felt. We realize upon reflection, that the hurt they caused us, will someday come back to them. That their words of deception will only come to deceive them. Their self-righteous attitude will only bring their downfall, for pride always comes before the fall. We begin to see that our present, will be their future. A shimmer of pity may pass through us, because we realize exactly what these people, who with their clouded minds, do not see. The damage they have inflicted on others. But the small sliver of pity we feel, fleetingly passes because we know, that they have already chosen their path, and now must deal with the consequences of their choices. Of all the universal laws, one has always remained true. What comes around, goes around. We reap what we sew. If we build upon the sand, we will have no place to stand, when the tide comes in.

There are times… when we want to say more but then we see, with true clarity, that we never seem to say what really matters.



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