The Magic of Monotony

Reading the title, one has to wonder to some degree, exactly what the hell I might be speaking of. I mean, how can there be magic in something as simple as monotony? Monotony is boring, monotony is repetitive, monotony is uninteresting and requires nearly no thought at all to do. Any person on the planet can do this. In fact, many people do monotonous tasks everyday and see no magic in it. So where am I getting such a crazy notion that it can be magical?

In order for you to see what I am getting at, you must first understand that I am not speaking of monotony as a daily thing, or even a regular thing. Instead, I am referring to monotony, as a break from the creative process.

Too many creative people move from one creative process to another, and then complain that the creative juices, have stopped flowing. They suffer from “writer’s block” or the blank palette. They cannot get past the intro to find the song.

There is a very simple reason for this. Creation requires energy. A certain kind of energy and like all energy, it must be refilled or it runs dry. When the batteries die, we must recharge them. We are not able to do this if we continue using power. We must step back from all creative processes and do something mundane, something simple, something monotonous. When we turn off those creative power cells, power down the engines, we give them time to recharge.

For many creative types this may seem like blasphemy. Impossible for them to do. Yet, it must be done if we want to come back to the art of creation, fully recharged and infused with new and exciting ideas.

For me, I step away from the computer. This is an absolute must, because nearly everything I create, requires the use of a computer. I cannot write, compose music, or edit graphics, without the use of that inferno machine. So I step away. I move in the opposite direction. I turn to nature. I turn to the outside. I turn to everything that is non-technological. By example, here are a few picture of projects I did this last week, to get away.










As you can see, I planted flower beds, put up shepherd hooks, put together a patio dining set, built a foundation, and helped put together a shed. All of these tasks required little to no real thought. They just consumed time, and allowed the creative batteries of the mind, a chance to recharge.

Maybe the outdoors is not your thing. Maybe it is not for you. That does not mean there is not something that is right for you. It could be cooking, visiting people, volunteering, shopping, etc. Whatever it is, it should be something that takes you away from the creative environment and gives you a chance to recharge, a chance to regroup and come back with renewed energy, ideas, and vision.

Give it a shot the next time you find your creative endeavors waning. You can thank me later. 🙂



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