IOS 7 for the iPad

I have to wonder what Apple was thinking when they did this IOS update for iPad. Was their goal to piss off iPad users or did they simply just forget them? The update seemed fine until I started digging around inside and discovered a number of features that the iPhone got, that were not passed on to iPad users. Most notably there was no flashlight, calculator, or compass. Furthermore, the panorama view option from the camera app, also is missing. I am betting the more I look around, the more I will find missing.

I tried to go to the ibook store to get a copy of the IOS 7 user guide but to my surprise, this app does not work at all. It only loads a blank white screen and it happens on both my iPad 2 and iPad 3. I tried closing the app, rebooting the pad, and even un-installing and re-installing the app, to no avail. So I cannot even look up these missing things to find out if they are hidden in some secret place. Although, I am quite certain, the flashlight and calculator are supposed to be inside the control center but are not there.

When you pay $650.00 for a device you expect to get the same kind of update as everyone does. You do not expect to get a partially functional version that lacks the same features as a device of lower cost. Apple you have made yourself one very unhappy customer!

Anyone want to buy an gently used 32gb, black Wi-Fi, iPad 3 ? Best offer over $450.00 gets it.



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