CD Insert pics

Well, I got a little bit carried away last night in the editing room, lol! (and that never happens) Anyway, I now have too many pics to decide on and thought, I would give everyone an opportunity to vote, for their favorite ones. These are sets of pics of two different areas, where I actually compose the music, I create. One set is the bedroom and the other is obviously, my desktop area. Please look through them at your leisure, and post which ones you like best, from each set.

FYI, if you have never posted a comment here, it will ask you to put in a name and an email address. I do not keep track of the emails I have had this blog for over 7 yrs. and have learned, this is the only way to keep spam, from ending up on my blog. At any rate, you only have to do this one time, so that I can verify you are a real person. After that, you may freely post a comment, on ANY post. 🙂 You do not even have to be logged in to comment.

So just put your responses down, using the number names, of the pics you like. Keep in mind these are pics for a CD insert. Thx!

This is the bedroom gallery. Just click on a thumbnail to see a larger sized image. Note: To see the full sized pic, there is an option on the bottom right of the gallery screen. The preview you see, from just clicking on the thumbnail, should be large enough for most people to decide what they like or don’t.

This is the desktop gallery. Again, just click on a thumbnail.

I want to say thank you in advance to any and all who help me out by voting. Your input is always greatly appreciated!!!!



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One response to “CD Insert pics

  1. Thus far the votes I have received in RL are 296 bedroom, and 300 or 312 desktop area. Anyone else got an opinion on this?


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