The “like” button…On

I found this post today. Seems when I left Facebook, I thought I left behind the days on people just hitting the like button and never gracing my post with a comment. Since leaving Facebook due to this lack of communication, I have discovered that they have done the same thing here at Only they have made it worse! Not only does the like button leave no way for the Original poster to reply back, but now it has become a mechanism of spam. You see, at this beloved website host, you lured me into hosting my blog here 7 yrs. ago with promises of NO ADS, and have since added ads. Promises of no spam with Akismet spam protection, and now you have now created an easy way for spammers and other bloggers for that matter, to put links into my posts but simply clicking one frickin’ little button… the like button. This provides a link to their Gravatar, which then provides links, to all of their websites. Hey, wordpress, that is exactly what every blogger wanted! They wanted a way for any blogger to come by and place unasked for links to other sites. We want our readers to not reply! We want our readers to go elsewhere and not bother with seeing more of our site! We want the ads, we were promised we would not get! We want spam, we did not ask for! NOT!

I have no idea what craphead is running this blog hosting site, but they obviously need to pull their head out of their ass. I am getting sick of people lying to get you into joining their sites, and then changing policies later, to make more money. If you are tired of crap like this speak up, make this post the top post and maybe things will change. Or you can just sit on your fat ass and be a sheep!




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3 responses to “The “like” button…On

  1. Funny, the first response I received to this post was someone “liking” it. hahahaha! The like button has been disabled on this blog. No links for morons here!


  2. sparrklie

    ‘Like’ 🙂 hehe. Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂


  3. Smart ass! lol! Hey, there! Just getting a little miffed at how much people are lazy and abuse every system that seems to be created. The internet is destroying real communication and people are just sitting around watching it happen and just either, don’t notice or don’t care enough, to do a damn thing about it. Evil succeeds when good people do nothing. I am so tired of seeing this I had to rant and rattle the cage a little.


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