The Empty Nest

Before I go into my main subject, let me share a few minor updates I have made, to this site.


 Firstly, I have been forced into re-instituting the reader has to be logged-in to comment policy. Having to wade through 15-20 spam comments everyday, just to make sure nothing ended up in there by accident, changed my mind. If the only thing being gained by letting just anyone post a comment, is more spam to wade through, no sense in allowing that to happen.

 Secondly, I added links to my photos website and have watermarked all the pics to be uploaded(851 photos). Sometime next week(hopefully) I will upload them. The button is over there on the right side—>(The button with NWD and a duck on it). Subscribe if you want to be notified when they go up. 🙂

 Thirdly, I updated all my book links on the left side and the “Buy my books” pages of both this blog and my author blog(It should be noted that the print version can be bought directly from Amazon now). I had to change the links because they did not reflect the last version of my book(4th edition) or the link to buy the print version  from amazon. I also added another review.

 Lastly, I added the link to my youtube channel(also over there on the right side). Expect more videos to be added, in the near future, now that there are no kids in the house, to interrupt me.

The Empty Nest

Speaking of no kids in the house, that is the subject I wish to discuss today. Finding yourself at home alone, 90% of the time and in rather questionable health, puts a sense of danger into the mind. I always thought I would be relieved to finally have the time to do everything I wished. But as the reality of my present situation began to sink in, and the fact that thx to the wonders of modern machines, such as this one,—>

iphone pic

I can now allow others into my life. My family members desired I keep my personal life private and I honored those wishes. However, now that is not my present reality. Therefore, I have decided that I will send out an email, to those who have tried to remain friends throughout the years, offering them direct access to me, through text messages, phone calls, etc. if they so desire. Not only would it be the prudent thing for me to do, it would also be nice to be able to communicate with them on a more personal level, than I was previously able to do. If you think you should be one of those friends who is given this information, but are unsure I will feel the same way, please feel free to comment here or send an email through the contact page.

Hopefully, I won’t be completely alone, all the time in the near future. 🙂 What do you think?




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3 responses to “The Empty Nest

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  2. Phil CantTell

    Well I’m fairly certain you won’t be alone all the time, and although rare, I do comment or send the occasional e-mail. I assure you my friend that through all of the years I’ve known you I still check in. Even if I’m not the most verbose of individuals as a general rule.
    Of course, I’m sure you remember my mini-booklet responses, but sadly I rarely have time to devote to offering responses of greater depth or breadth. However, even if I am not posting I do remember you and count you among one of the few I choose to call my friend. No need to offer phone info, and I do think I have most of you private e-mail addresses assuming they haven’t changed recently.

    As always, It’s nice to hear from you.


  3. Actually, given the fact my wife is currently working 2 jobs to pay off over 15k in debt, I am in fact home alone 90% of the time. It is my new reality. Home alone and wondering if I will wake up tomorrow. Sometimes, (this is the really scary part) I wonder if it even matters if I don’t wake up. Anyway, I sent you my new number whether you wants it or not, old friend. There are few I would trust more with that knowledge than you. Tc and thx once more for taking the time to reply. These days it really says a lot about a person.:)



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