Why would you?

Over the course of the last several weeks, I have left Facebook, G+, and deleted my SoundCloud account, I ranted over like buttons  and ads at WordPress.com and raved about this abuse or that one; of the many of systems, now currently in place, all over the internet. The systems that have, in one or another, broken down an once vibrant communication network, and turned society into a bunch of button pushing morons. I even spoke at great lengths of my plans. to deal with all of it, in the coming year.

Now I believe, the time has come for those who come here, to now speak. I am calling you out. I am giving you, your chance to tell me why. Just answer these next questions, in an intelligent and coherent manner, and I will allow your comment and link to be posted. Here are the questions:

1.Why would you become a fan of a band you never listened to and did not know any of the band members of? I am not talking about returning the favor when someone fans you.

2.Why would you follow a person who you did not know and never read a single thing they posted? Again, not speaking of returning the favor, of when someone follows you.

3.Why would you “like” anything, anywhere, that you did not read? I am not asking about pictures, I get that. I am asking about actual written posts.

So will you now speak? Will you take the time to actually gain that desired link back to your blog? Perhaps you are too scared? It is the internet and everyone knows there are no real consequences, for what you do or say here.

I’ll be here, waiting so patiently, for those incredibly intelligent responses to come rushing in. 🙂






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4 responses to “Why would you?

  1. I will also be interested to hear other people’s views on 1., 2. and 3. I personally do not become a fan, follow or like unless I’m actually interested in the person / people and read what they write. It seems crazy that someone would do any of the 3 if they were not interested. I’ll be waiting to hear what others have to say!


  2. I am betting we both will be waiting a long time.


  3. I personally don’t do 1, 2 or 3. I can understand (to some degree) “liking” a band on FaceBook even if you don’t know the vandalism members’ names or much about them. But only if you enjoy their music. I enjoy a lot of music, but don’t know the names of most of the members. Although, if you’ve never listened to them, why do it?


  4. I don’t have any answers on this one, Bob. That was kinda why I asked. I knew when asking, I would probably not receive any answers, but you know what they say. The only dumb question is the one not asked.


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