Coming to NWD!

NWD is my wildlife pics site. I created a video previewing what would be coming soon to the website, but somehow forgot to add the video here. I know a lot of my readers like pictures, so I should of posted it here also. Guess I am really getting senile in my old age. The video also has a previously unreleased original musical composition that I created probably a year ago. I have already posted 2 of the five galleries to the site, but this video gives you a quick idea of some of the pictures, that are there or coming before the end of this year. There is a link to the site on the right side, if watching the video makes you interested, in seeing more. Enjoy!



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2 responses to “Coming to NWD!

  1. TYVM! You should visit the site. There are around 475 pics there already with more coming before the end of this year. Thx for commenting and have a good one!



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