Mark it down-Dec. 30th

That is the day that my new song and video titled “Get To Steppin” will be released. I know I previously stated, that I would release no more songs this year. However, now that the song is completed, I decided it would be completely selfish of me, not to release it and the video, in time for those New Year’s Eve parties, I know so many of you have planned. The video alone should have enough entertainment value to want to share it with friends. After all, who is not going to love seeing an old man dance and sing? 🙂

The song, on other hand, is seriously good. I can proudly say it is beyond a doubt, the best song I have created to date. It features me singing throughout the entire song using autotune and a special effect. Although, I prefer to just sing naturally, this style of singing fit this dance style of music better.

So write this day down on your calendars and watch for the announcement. You don’t want be the fool, who missed the opportunity to share this, at that New Year’s Eve party.




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