My Comcast/xfinity service after install..

Well,  as for customer service there still has been none. No supervisor has called me and I even called and sent several texts to the Supervisor of the last installer. I spoke with a few people on twitter who both stopped responding yesterday(Friday, 12/13/13). Seems all Comcast employees get Fridays off!

As for the actual service working in my home that is a yes and no. Let’s discuss what does work. Obviously the internet(which I installed myself) works fine. I checked the download speeds and they were mostly consistent and good. The small little box connected to back bedroom tv seems to work fine.

Now, the no part. The HDdvr seems like it is broken, ancient, or in need a sledge-hammer, to put it out of its misery. It does not respond well at all to the remote(the remote is another bad thing we’ll get to later).In fact, MY TV and MY surround sound system respond better to the remote than THEIR HDdvr. It does not seem to get the signal most of the time, forcing you to push buttons, over and over and over again. The recordings it makes are jumpy, they freeze, pixelate. Basically anything you can think of that might ruin the viewing experience is present. Yes, even the sound just drops out too.(Keep in mind, they are running this HDdvr from the same line my Dishnetwork service was using with no problems like this, for over 6 years, so it is not the line.) I have no idea what type of format it records to, but according to my dvr only 9 1/2 hrs. of recording takes up 45% of the HD. If this is a 500 gb hd as they advertise, then this HDdvr is using around 20 gb per hour of recording time. Are you frickin’ kidding me? 20 gb an hour? How fucking old is this thing? I can download a 2 hr. movie from just about anywhere on the planet and it will be approx. 2-3 gb in size. 20 gb per hour is just beyond insane!!!  The guide is a nightmare.I have to no way of telling what channels I can view. I have to click and hope. With 1000 channels on the thing this is about frustrating as it could possibly get. Getting tired of clicking on a channel to find out I am not subbed to it.

As for the remote, well it won’t work with rechargeable batteries. I have like 60 rechargeable batteries in my home. I have not used regular batteries since the first yellow rechargeables came out(remember those?) This is the first remote I have encountered in more than 15 years that won’t work with a rechargeable battery.

Right now, it is not looking good for their TV service. Right now it is looking like I will have to exercise my 30 day guarantee. If they think I am going to pay for this  kind of product and service, then they are not just clowns, they are crazy.

Update-12/16/2013: Finally, someone called from executive customer relations and offered to give me a $50 credit to my account for installation charges. But I guess they think I am stupid and cannot add because they charge $100 for installation and up to this point, I have only received one $20 credit for one installer being late. $50+ $20
does not equal $100 . They did not offer me anything else. After all the crap I had to go through, and now my hddvr is not even working right, and all they can offer me is nothing for wasting my time and costing me money.

Here I am trying to explain to this woman, that this does not add up to a complete refund, all the while she is treating me like I disturbing her YouTube viewing or something. I am certain in her mind, there must be many things more important than customers or doing basic math.  At any rate, I give up on the idea of trying to teach this woman basic math and move on to the HDdvr which uses 20gb per hour for recording. She starts to give me a line about how hd programming takes up a lot of space. To which I proceed to inform here, that it is more space than anything else on the planet uses and she does not seem to get this. Then I have to tell her it skips, freezes, pixelates and such, just to get this woman to understand this HDdvr is not working properly. I am like, wow, just how damn dumb is this woman, and what did she have to do to get her position within this company. She sets up this credit and makes an appointment for yet another installer to come out and change the HDdvr, all the while telling me that they have no remotes that can use rechargeable batteries. WTF?

See the funny thing, is the guy whom I spoke with on twitter this morning, seemed to get everything I was saying and was giving me different answers, to my concerns. So here I am again, wondering which one is a liar and which one is stupid, and knowing for a fact it really does not matter.Because once my wife hears all this, she is going to tell me to cancel service with this company. Who could blame her? I gave this company every opportunity available to rectify the situation and instead I get nothing more than a waste of my time.




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