@comcast/@xfinity does it again.

After all the problems I and my wife encountered with these people(You can read about it here and here if you are in need of a good laugh) My wife tells me to get “their damn TV service out of our house” and since I was not liking all the lies and double talk, not too mention idiots we were dealing with, I was glad to oblige. Before I go on, I should mention that neither of us had any problems with the Internet service which I installed. It worked fine.

So I call up our old tv service provider who is more than happy to take us back and make arrangements for that. No problems. Then I call up Comclowns to see about exercising my 30-day Money Back guarantee. The first guy I speak to actually hangs up on me and I had not even gotten around to cursing at him yet. Geez! So I call them again and finally get someone willing to do their damn job and he cancels my service via the 30 money back guarantee. But then after he does this, informs me that he cannot figure out how to set me up with just internet. I am transferred back and forth a few times, while sales and loyalty executives try to figure out, how to get me just fucking internet.

Finally, the moron I speak to last, says it won’t allow them to set up new service while my order for canceling my bundle deal is still in the computer and that it will take 2 weeks to get through the system. I knew their equipment (from my pleasure of having to deal with their HDdvr) was ancient and out of date but exactly how old is this computer system, that takes two weeks to process a cancellation. I am betting my wife won’t go 2 weeks without internet and I am betting Comcast just lost these customers permanently.

If I do not post for awhile, you’ll know why. If post sooner you’ll know, my wife did not feel this company was worth waiting for. I personally am rooting for the latter.

Until I next type…have a great one!


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