Today the filming begins…

“Make up! Make up! Where’s that make up boy?” Don’t I wish. Sadly, it will be just me filming the first section of the video and could quite possibly be the same story on the second section. Going to sit in front of green screen and try get the timing correct for every word of the song. Everything done today will be upper body shots so thankfully no major effort in the dancing. The dancing will come in front of another green screen, in a different room next week, and then editing, editing, editing, and even more editing. Probably up until the last day before the release of the song and video on Dec. 30th.

I have had a reasonable amount of video editing experience over the years and it is never been a task I look forward to. Good editing takes practice and great editing takes insanity. Fortunately for me, I am not lacking in that department. 🙂

I want the video to be as good as this song is. This song really deserves a great video. That is why I have taken it upon myself to do the green screens. This will allow me to create something that is not just “run-of-the-mill” video.

My only concern is, if the dancing will kill me. My health is so bad that having to dance for only a little over 3 mins. wears me out and I will have to do it over and over again, in order to extract the best moments for the video. Hopefully I will live and everyone will get to see an awesome video with incredible music. Wish me luck…I am pretty damn sure, I am going to need it.:)



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2 responses to “Today the filming begins…

  1. Good luck and try to enjoy doing it.


  2. Well, the dancing portion of it will be a lot of work considering the shape my health is in. Going to have to take a lot of breaks. I would not like to die because of a video. I can think of many better ways to die. 🙂

    As for the video editing, I have never been a big fan of it no matter what program I have used in the past. It not that is exceptionally hard to do if you take the time to learn. It it more the rendering times.

    For example, I am currently working with Adobe Premiere Elements 11 in expert mode. Every effect you add has to be rendered before you can see what it actually does. It can become time consuming. When it is rendering, while I can technically do other things on the computer, it seems like the rendering process slows down.

    It like to see what each clip looks like before I go to chopping off what is not needed. I feel that way I have a better idea of what each final clip will look like. Some effects are random and thus the only way to have true feeling for what it will look like in the end is simply to add all effects to all the video footage that you are considering. Thus a section you might of thrown away before effects, you might end up keeping because an effect that is random does something cool in it. Get my meaning?

    At any rate, adding the effects to all footage creates longer rendering times, but I believe it makes the end results better. If I have to edit video, I prefer the one take and that is it, like my IPad soloing one was. Just small adjustments for lighting, cutting off the beginning and end, then done.

    This video is nothing like that. Multiple takes from 2 different viewpoints. It is a chunk of work for sure. Thx for replying!



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