Filming, Part two

Well, the close-ups are done. Filmed, edited, effects added,  and placements done. The close-ups were done so that viewers could see me singing the lyrics. I learned a lot during the process, and had to completely change my approach, in the editing phase. I learned that adding effects, before chopping out the best parts, generated much longer render times overall. I also learned that chopping and stacking, each take above each other, made for easier editing later on, because then you can cut multiple tracks at the same time in EXACTLY the same place. Because of all my errors, the first days worth of editing had to be completely scraped. Oh well, I never claimed to be great at video editing.

I am a good writer. I am a musician. I am a good singer. I, quite frankly believe, I was good father to my boys(whether they have figured it out yet or not). I am not a good video editor yet. But I am trying to be and is not effort worth something?

Next phase is the dancing portions of the video. To be honest, I dread this part. Not because I am not a good dancer; I am decent enough. My main concern is my health issues. For those who do not know, I suffer from hypothyroidism, chest pains, leg cramps and pains, and foot issues, due to high arches and walking around too much barefooted. When all these problems are combined, it is easy to see that I may have some serious problems, with this next section of filming. However, the song is good enough, that I feel it is worth it, no matter how much pain I have to endure doing the dancing. I fully believe that dancing is the heart of the song and therefore must be done.

Now if only I could get the floor to cooperate with me. It was not slippery enough for some of the moves I have planned. So I got the great idea that I should sweep and wax the floor. This I did and now the floor seems more sticky than before. I let the floor wax dry overnight, so now I wonder…does it need another coat of wax or did I use too much wax to begin with(I used half a bottle)? It is a vinyl floor, and this is the first time it has been waxed, since I moved in nearly 10 years ago. If anyone knows, please take the time to reply!!!! I would like to get this next phase of the video filmed within the next couple of days, so that I have time to properly edit and release the video, by Dec. 30th as I promised.

Stay warm, and in case I do not post before Christmas, I wish EVERYONE a very merry one!



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