I trust most people enjoyed their Christmas. We went and saw The Hobbit Part 2. It was pretty good.:) Not going to say anymore than that. I am not the spoiler type. I want say thank you to those who contacted me in any manner. It means a lot to know, that I might not be near someone, yet they still remember me. I often feel out of sight, out of mind. I wonder if there is a medical term for that.(Perhaps psychotic will suffice for now.) 🙂

After 2 days of filming and nearly 5 days of editing, the video for my song Get To Steppin’ is complete or as the say in the movie biz, it’s in the can, lol! I learned a lot during the process. Biggest lesson learned…whatever you use for a green screen needs to be both flat and allow no light to pass through it, otherwise it will create headaches. At any rate, the song may have taken longer to create but making the video was a lot harder to do.

Both the video and the song will be released at Noon(CST) on 12/30/13.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season.

Until I next type…


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