A Message to the In-Laws

I have decided, in my so infinite wisdom, to put one last matter to rest before this year ends. This message is for my wife to post to Facebook on her timeline, so that they can read it, and so that she can verify that everything spoke of in it, is the truth. Therefore, unless you are really bored, my wife, or one of my in-laws. this post you should not bother to read.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear…I do not give a fuck if any of you like me. Nor do I care if any of you ever liked me. I have never lived my life kissing people’s asses in order to gain their favor because I simply don’t care. Either you take the time to get to know me and realize I am open and brutally honest, or you don’t and assume everything I say is bullshit. Makes no difference to me. The amount of ignorance you choose to live with in your life is a choice of your own to make.

So realize, as I begin to tell the truth of this whole feud between me and you, that I do so only because I believe you need to see the truth. Once people see the truth, they tend to see life a little differently, that is of course, if they have the actual guts to accept it. Again, it is always your choice to decide to remain ignorant of the facts, but realize that those who know the truth, see you for how fucking stupid you really are.

The feud began really from the day my family briefly moved in to my mother-in-law’s house. She promised…she swore up and down, backwards and forwards, that she would never kick us out. Of course, that was just the first of many lies. We moved into a tiny, tin, one room trailer in the backyard. The kids moved into the spare bedroom of the house. Of course, this was so the kids had better protection from the elements, but this later proved to be a lie. The real reason for mother-in-law insisting on doing it this way, was so she could have total control over our kids. Trust me, you will begin to see how clear this was her real motivation later on.

The problems began from day one when mother-in-law’s brother and lover(that’s right I said lover, because she and father-in-law both freely admitted this was the case to both me and my wife) decided I could not use his adapter already attached to the bedroom TV, to hook up the video games for the kids. I had to use my own. This was an obvious attempt at keeping the kids from having video games in the house. Sorry, I ruined that for them, as of course I had my own adapter, exactly identical to theirs in every way. It just meant more work for me to do while moving in, which I am sure somehow gave, these little minded fools, some kind of inner pleasure.

Thus began the constant struggle of doing every little thing their way and a constant battle to even get the most simple of things done. I helped them lower their internet bill from $20/ month to $5/ a month and got nothing but grief for doing so, because mother-in-law’s brother did not know anything about electronics(But I cannot remember how many times we were told he knew about EVERYTHING). In return for doing them this small kindness not only did I get hassles the entire time, or not even a thank you. They also did not keep their end of the deal, which was to climb a ladder to run a phone cord up to the garage, so I could hook up internet for us out in the trailer.

By keeping the kids under their roof they managed to turn my oldest son into a spy for them. Everything me and my wife did, was reported back to mother-in-law. But since my youngest son refused to be her spy, he was blamed for everything that went wrong. He was abused verbally constantly and was always in trouble for not even doing anything. I caught her red-handed in the act of blaming something on the youngest son once, as I could clearly see all the kids, when the supposed incident happened, and called her out on it. Discovering she had been busted and because she never admits to doing anything wrong, all the kids were then punished, just so mother-in-law could get her way.

When the kids began fighting over who was playing video games the most, mother-in-law removed the door from their room. When that failed, she removed the video games. So when my kids started coming to my trailer to play games with me that outraged her. We can’t have a father spending time with his own kids, now could we? It was so unfair to the other children(who were not mine and in fact, some were not even related to me by law). If my kids were not under her thumb all the time, she was not happy. Somewhere in her twisted little mind, us moving in made the kids her’s, not me and my wife’s kids. Of course, every time anything was spoke of with her, the brothers had to be around, so they could gang up on me and my wife. They got their way, the kids, my kids were not allowed to come visit their father unless all the kids were invited too. Yes, I was going to babysit all the kids, she was being paid to take care of, in order to see my own kids. NOT!

So the kids kept complaining they were bored all the time, and they had a little club house that was dirty, dingy and filled with bugs. I asked if they would like to play in there, if it was cleaned up. They all said yes! So I cleaned it up, removing the itchy hay, cleaning the floors, walls, etc. I even killed all the bugs. It took me a week to do. They kids loved it but of course, all mother-in-law could do was complain about how I wasted money and time on it. Yes, I agree wasting money and time on kids is wrong. Again, of course, I don’t agree with such non-sense. She was just mad that she did not have the kids under her thumb and bored out of their skulls. Besides, anything I did had to be bad or wrong. That is the way she acted with everything I did. Of course, her finally admitting at one point, that she did not like me from the moment she met me, really kinda clarifies mother-in-law’s beliefs about me, and people in general. In my mind, I find it hard to justify a woman who sleeps with her brother, while being married to another man, can be so judgemental of others, that she can instantly not like someone, she has not even given a chance to know.

I made a walkway out of bricks no one was using, to our trailer because my wife slipped and hurt her ankle, in the mud that often filled the area every time it rained. So obviously protecting my wife was the wrong thing to do. It must have been, since they removed the perfectly placed bricks, once we moved out.

Life according to her meant, not seeing my kids or doing anything nice for anyone because I did it. We bought most of the groceries the entire time we were there and in fact, left quite a lot of them behind in our hurry to get out of there. Buying all the groceries entitled us to eating less food than anyone else and to doing ALL the housework. I even cooked half the meals but they were never good enough, even though most of the time what I cooked was better, than what they did. None of them had the patience  required to cook a decent meal. Turn on the stove, oven, or bbq, and walk away forgetting about it, was their method of cooking. Even their burnt black bbq was better than mine on July 4th.

When the summer came and mother-in-law decided to run every window air conditioner all the time, and the bill came for $300. They expected us to pay half the bill. I refused. Our trailer had NO air conditioner and there was no way in hell, the smallest bedroom in the house used half of the electricity. I agreed to pay $100 which was more than fair. She took the money and then removed the air conditioner from the kids room.

The kids were enjoying the cleaned club house so much that she came to us and claimed our oldest child was molesting the kids. Mother-in-law even had one of her brothers(Not the one she slept with. The one that lived there for free and ate 3 times as much as everyone else) march his daughter outside and have her testify that my oldest son was trying to get the younger children to show their private parts. Then she proclaimed our rent was going to now double because 2 of the kids she would no longer be able to babysit.

Then there was the time when they offered to help us in saving some money by cleaning out the wash-house, so we could move stuff out of a storage unit, and into there. So we agreed and me, my wife, my oldest boy, and her 2 brothers moved stuff out, while she sorted through the stuff. While both her brothers moved at a snail’s pace, I was moving out twice as much as they were. Granted, I was younger and in better shape(both of them were fat) but the point of my stating this will be apparent soon. While, we are doing this, mother-in-law gets a phone call from her favorite daughter. After a few minutes, she proclaims break time and spends nearly an hour on the phone. So my wife decides it is a good time to spend a little time, with her eldest son, and sits down to watch a half hour school video. She falls a asleep, so when mother-in-law comes out and does not see everyone standing around waiting in her, she gets mad. However, does not tell us until everything is done that since we did not help enough, they were not going to allow us to move anything into the wash-house. Just like every deal ever made with them, we kept up our end, while they did not.

It got to the point, where I even stopped going into the house. I just got so sick of the abuse and lies. Plus mother-in-law decided since I was no longer cooking anymore(wonder why) that I did not deserve to eat, even though we were still paying for most of the groceries and doing most of the housework. The only time I entered the house was to do those chores and go to shower. I ate in my trailer(because I was never informed dinner was ready) and even got a porta potty just avoid going inside. But this was the way she wanted it. Me, separated from my kids, as much as possible.

Then school starts and the kids have to start walking down the driveway to catch the school bus. Only problem is another gay relative lives further down the driveway and has trained his Chows to be mean and aggressive. These dogs are so mean they will not back down from adults, let alone children. These dogs bite and mother-in-law knows this, but has no problems sending her grandkids down the driveway to be attacked by these dogs. I, on other hand, have a lot of problems with this and ask nicely for gay relative and lover, to keep the dogs inside the house during the 10 mins, my kids walk down the driveway. But no, that is too much to ask. So I call the police on them for not obeying the leash law. I get threatened by angry gay relative, and I reply if he keeps them inside when they walk down the driveway, I won’t have to call them again.

Then finally mother-in-law breaks that very first promise and tells us we have to move out because they cannot make the gay relative angry.

When we are in the car leaving mother-in-laws house, we had a family vote and ALL agree to never visit them again, until mother-in-law apologizes for the way she treated all of us. She still has not apologized for a single thing. She physically assaulted me, cursed me out, treated me, my kids, and my wife like we were less than human beings. She even went so far as to try to use the death, of one of her less than favorite daughter’s husband, as a means of getting us to come back, all the while, not saying a single word of apology to any of us. Mother-in-law watched, as father-in-law starved to death, and still would not apologize for anything, thus depriving her daughter(my wife) of the opportunity of saying goodbye to her father. Through her willful desire to never admit to any wrong doing, she has turned a temporary situation into a permanent one. Some things you cannot take back and depriving your daughter of last words with her father, simply because you do not want to admit to any wrongdoing, is one of those things that can never be taken back. Ever!

So by now, you might be wondering why, I even bother telling you these things when there is no going back. The answer is quite simple. I understand that all of you believe every word, out of mother-in-law’s mouth is gospel, but why must you continue hurting my wife? Do you really think by doing stupid shit like running and posting bad stuff to things I create, does not hurt her? It does! You see all income in our home has always been shared income. If I make money, so does she. If I don’t, she will have to continue working 2 jobs. I am sorry you all drank too much of the cool-aid and have been ignorant to the truth. But you now have been told it, at least the most notable points, so stop doing things to interfere with our lives and our income. If you don’t, be aware that I will do ANYTHING to protect my wife. If you choose to remain ignorant and believe nothing I have stated in this post, and which my wife will confirm when she posts this to facebook, believe that last sentence. All I ever did while staying at mother-in-law’s was to protect me and my family. That is a father and a husband’s job. I am not about to stop now.

JB Thomas



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2 responses to “A Message to the In-Laws

  1. Man and I thought I had bad in laws! Yowza! What a witch!


  2. To be honest my own mother is not much better but she at least does not do things to try and sabotage my income…well at least not anymore.

    I never cease to be amazed at the crap people will take from others just because they are related. News flash people, family is who you choose, not whoever was fortunate enough to give birth to you.


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