My Thoughts on 2013 and beyond…

I am not going to into subjects such as religion and politics. There are plenty of places to read and discuss those matters. Besides, that has never been the purpose of this blog. The purpose of this blog is to find interesting and amusing things to share while occasionally sharing some of my original thoughts and creations along the way.

According to annual report I just posted, I believe I have failed at providing anything of value this year. Not a single post I made this year managed to make it into the top posts and once more the visitation rate of this blog has been lower. It almost seems like the more I add to this blog, the less people come to see.

Of course, there are certain other factors that have taken their toll. The like button and the wordpress reader have both distanced writers from their readers.

In the end, I suppose we all must either accept what is inevitable or move on. The fact is, someday will die and will only have its bad decisions to blame. That is why I shall be spending part of next year looking for a better blogging experience. It may be there is not one out there and all blogs are doomed to die but that does not mean I should just accept it lying down.

For me, 2013 was a year of transition. I left Facebook, SoundCloud, and G+ all behind me. I opened my home and my life up to those who accepted the invite and welcomed the chance for something more than just an internet connection. Then after having done so, I removed those from my life who had been hanging on but really had no interest in any kind of relationship.

In 2013 I learned that real friends actually reply to messages and posts occasionally. They are there for you when needed and truly appreciate the time and effort you put into providing original content.

2013 was the year for me in which I learned what really mattered. As the last of my children moved away and a new life opened up to me, I embraced it. I, on a personal level, felt that doing so was the only way for a courageous man to go. I let go of the past and put myself out there. Maybe I will come to regret it, but I would rather look death in the face than cower in fear.

So what does the new year hold in store for me? I could speak of what I have planned but then I would ruining the surprises, now wouldn’t I ? Besides, life has a way of screwing up the best laid plans. Thus, I can only speak of what I will not be doing in 2014.

I won’t be wasting any time on pretend friends. I won’t be wasting time on websites that offer me nothing in return for my efforts. And lastly, I won’t be making anymore dancing videos. The last one nearly killed me and in the end did not even seem to garner at least amusement. (Who would’ve thought an old man trying to dance was not amusing?)

In conclusion, I hope we all have a better year this coming new year, with many new and wonderful surprises!




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