Oh where, oh where, oh where…

Have I been? Apparently, I am asking myself, as nobody else seems to be here. Even the dumbass cat is smart enough to be sleeping. But now that I have asked myself this question, I suppose there is no harm in answering it. I think by now is has already been established that I am off my rocker. I have spent nearly all the tim,e since I last threw a post up, working on two projects. Of course, one of them is my current WIP(work in progress). The book Shadow Shifters. I broach the 70k word mark of the book. Soon it shall be ready for the next stage, perhaps even as soon as next weeks end. The reason for that, is because other project to which I have spent a considerable amount of time on, I will be putting the finishing touches on today(Final Mix) and releasing it tomorrow. It is the rock song titled In Hell. It took so long to do this song because it is a big song. It is nearly 6 mins long. The longest song I have created to date. I realize that in these days of shortened attention spans, that creating a song that is longer seems to be at odds, with trends. However, I have never been one to follow trends. If I was, I suppose I would have written a vampire or zombie book, instead of Shadow Shifters.

One should never let society and current trends affect the creative flow. Otherwise the final creation shall lie but a corruption beneath thy feet.

At any rate, I won’t be doing a video for this song. Videos take up too much time and not enough people seem that interested. Besides, it would take an Hollywood production to create a video for this song. This song is more than a fun, dance song. It has some pretty deep meanings and lyrics to match them. I hope everyone at least gives the song one listen, before deciding if it was worthy my efforts. I need some coffee and drugs now. 🙂 Until tomorrow…



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