In Hell

As promised, my new song titled “In Hell” has been uploaded and is ready for your listening pleasure, lol! Just give it a listen and I think, if you like rock, you’ll like it. You can listen to it at Reverbnation here. The lyrics are there also. Yep, I actually sing throughout the entire song and this time, no autotune or robotic voice effects. Just my awesome voice, lmao!

And, as always you can listen to it using the Reverbnation player in my music section here. The lyrics are not there though.

This song can only be purchased only through my charity for children and will never be in my Lucid Chaos store. I won’t be adding anymore individual songs to the store, only CDs. This song will be on the upcoming New Times CD to be released in late fall of this year.

Enjoy the song, share it if you like it, buy it if you love it, and have a great day!



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