To all those who listened…Thank you!

Apparently, even though yesterday was Sunday and people were busy, many of them took a little time away from their work and play, to listen to my new rock song In Hell. For once I was lifted up out of the morass of average, if but for a moment, and was able to give some people entertainment with one of my creations. That I believe, is or should be the goal, of every artist out there. To give back. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity of doing this for you, and in the process I was propelled into the number 1 position, of ALL genres of music, for my area at ReverbNation.  Of course, it will not last but is was nice to see that it did happen. Your support and kind words are always appreciated!!! No matter what the medicine, I may be taking at the time, is telling me to say! Lmao! Have a great week everyone! I shall be invisible again for awhile. I must go try to get out the last few chapters of Shadow Shifters. Take care!

RNcharts screenie

See what great things happen when people help each other!



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