Goodbye Puddytat


Wow! When it rains in fucking pours. First we lose 2/3 of our income tax return this year(for poor people that means $1800), then I lose my doctor because I am too damn rich(what a joke, really) and now the only damn thing in the entire fucking world  that I care for, nearly as much as my wife, comes down with UTI.

I cannot afford to take my cat to vet though to get a proper diagnosis and therefore the proper antibiotics for him. Hell, if I just lost my doctor and cannot afford to go see one, how can I take my cat?(As an aside, I learned he had UTI by researching his symptoms on the internet and he certainly has the symptoms.)

Thus I only two options. Either abandon my pet at a shelter or have him put down. Either way, I lose the only thing, besides my wife, that has loved me the last 8 years. My heart is broken. Tears are filling my eyes and I can no longer see clearly to type.




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2 responses to “Goodbye Puddytat

  1. So sorry to hear of this.


  2. We managed to find some over-the-counter meds that are supposed alleviate the symptoms but do not cure it. I do not know long it takes for UTI to become UTD and eventually kill him and I am too afraid to look it up. All I can hope is that for now it makes him feel better and he stops peeing all over the house.


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