I thought “this is it, this is how I die…how lame!”

Late Sunday Night/Early Monday morning, I had this thought off and on, and many similar ones, as a traveled back and forth to the bathroom, with bodily fluids coming out of both ends. After nearly 6 hrs. of horrendous pain, at times my ability to breath completely gone, due to the retching, I thought for sure this must be my time. Finally, realizing that if I did not go to the hospital, the problem would only worsen because I would not be able to take vital medicines I need in order to live. I could hold nothing down. Not water, not pill, nothing and was growing more thirsty by the moment.

Upon arrival I was forced to wait and retch into a small trash can, while my wife gave them information before I could be treated. Some emergency room, huh? You would think me saying I had been releasing bodily floods from both ends of my body for 6 hrs. and that I was incredibly thirsty, the woman would have had enough sense to figure out that I might be suffering from dehydration, but that did not seem to motivate anyone there enough, for any of them to actually decide to treat the emergency room like it was one.

Finally, they did take me back to a room and eventually gave me one bag of saline, some nausea medicine, and a pain-killer. Then they gave me a cat scan of my stomach region and actually expected a urine sample from me, lol! Gonna take more than one little bag of saline to make up for 6 hours of lost fluids. I was diagnosed with Gasteral infection for which they prescribed 3 medicines. One was an antibiotic, one was for nausea, and one was the cramping.

The sad part is the last one they prescribed could have killed me by itself. It is called Bentyl and this medicine should not be taken by people with Thyroid Disorders. In fact, the information the pharmacist gave my wife when they filled the prescription said “DO NOT take this medicine if you have any Thyroid Disorder”. OMG! I cannot tell you how many times I told them my thyroid was ablated and that I was hypo-thyroid. But I am really amazed that neither my pharmacist, nor my wife, could not read this and figure out that this was medicine I should not be taking. That medicine came through 3 different people’s hands, before ending up in my hands while I am nearly catatonic, from medicines, lack of sleep, and stress upon my body.

How ironic would have been if I were to of survived all that misery and pain, only to be killed by the fucking medicine I was prescribed by an ignorant doctor, filled a pharmacist too busy to notice, and given to me by my wife who was too tired to read. Not going to mention any names at this point but I definitely am not done with this ill- prescribed medicine issue.

So that was how my last few days have been, hope yours were better.



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2 responses to “I thought “this is it, this is how I die…how lame!”

  1. Something like that happened to me a couple of years ago. Mu neighbor called the ambulance and I was in the hospital for four days. They misdiagnosed me and the medicine made me worse than I had been when I first went in. SMH- nobody takes diagnostics seriously any longer. Another doctor prescribed something that I’m allergic to as well. And, it was the first thing on the list of things I was allergic to! I have great doctors now and hope you and I never have to go through this again!


  2. Guess that is why it is still called “practicing medicine”. I just wish that one day they would actually get done practicing. Thx for commenting, Delly. Was beginning to wonder if anyone even gave a shit that I went to the emergency room.


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