Subscribing, where and what…

I noticed lately a recent influx of writers subscribing to this blog. While I suppose every subscription is good, at least for me, that may not be the case for the person who subscribed. You see, I have 3 different blogs and each one serves its own purpose. The reason for this was quite simple, too many things continued to get lost amongst the vast amount(quite litterly 7 years worth of blogging) of funny pictures and jokes at this blog, thus the other 2 blogs were created.

If you want to read about the occasional, and sometimes funny rants I make, the posts about daily life and issues, the music I create, or see the funny pictures and jokes I post, this blog is the place.

If you want to read creative writings, book chapters, prose, quotes, etc., announcements about my books, or any free novels I happen to be posting, then you should be subscribing to my Author Blog. I suggest subscribing to emails at that blog. I do not post there often and if you want to be notified about release dates or when new sections are posted to any free books, that is the only way you can make sure you do not miss anything. Nothing will ever be posted here about that stuff. Furthermore, I do not collect emails either. I have no time or patience to bother. The emails are automatically sent when a new post is posted.

Lastly, if you want to look at and share free Nature pics, you should be subscribing to Natural Wildlife Designs. That is where I post all pictures that involve nature and are original. They are all free to share. That blog I only post to, when I have enough pictures worthy of a gallery, so I rarely post there. But if you like those kinds of pictures you should subscribe to emails, for those few and rare posts.

I will be making this a sticky post, so that future and current readers, will find it is easy to subscribe to what THEY want. 🙂

Thx for reading and have a great afternoon EVERYONE!


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