Say Something!!!

Ever wanted free advertising? Well, here is your chance. Just wanted to do something different today so this is it. All comments posted to this post will be posted including the link back to their website. You can post anything you like as long as follow one simple guideline. Keep it PG-13. If you have been banned from posting here in the past, the ban still stands. For everyone else, just post what you like, about anything you like. Keep in mind, what you post will have a direct impact upon how much traffic you gain from the post. So my advice is to post something intelligent, witty, and alluring.

Looking forward to your posts…

(This should be interesting and probably amusing) Axe thinks, as he walks away.



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5 responses to “Say Something!!!

  1. Not exactly compelling but it was the first one. That is never a bad thing.:)


  2. Shall I try again then?
    Suppression, oppression and liberation are just a few things addressed in this poetic prose.
    “Vulgarity is no substitute for wit”


  3. That one is much better! Good luck and thx for commenting! 🙂


  4. You would think upon seeing this blog has over 650k in visits most people with an ounce of common sense would see the opportunity this post gave them. Guess as usual laziness won the day. And people wonder why their lives remain crap, lol! Oh well, can’t say I did not give them a chance.


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