Reinventing the wheel…

Most of you have heard this phrase and I am certain some of you might even know what it means. Not trying to be condescending at all but I am certain that just because you have heard something, that does not guarantee you know what it means. Heck, I have even had people tell me things such as this or use words that they had no clue as to what they meant, straight to my face and then when I inquired if they knew what the had just said to me, they then admitted they did not.

Now that is really, just a by-product of today’s society, that is in such a hurry to get nowhere in particular, most of the time. Really it is true. How many won’t spend even a minute to read something that might change their life because they have decided they wanted to go another website and play games? Have they not just hurriedly moved along to nowhere? Of course they did. They certainly did not move from their seat and the other website they just went to was a site that just gives them something more immediate.  Just because you can have it now does mean it is better. It just means you lacked the patience to understand one simple fact. Nothing ever worth having, comes easily.

The reason I am discussing it at all because true happiness comes from within and that takes patience and understanding to achieve. It is through exercising patience and understanding that we can come to understand what changes we need to make in our lives in order to reinvent ourselves. Now maybe I should not say reinvent as that is not really accurate. What I really mean is refine.

You see each of us, no matter who we are, has good and bad in our lives. There is no getting around this. There is no such thing as a perfect life. If you look as some rich guy in a mansion and think he has no problems, you would be dead wrong. He may not have money problems but there are many kinds of problems. Often people do not get this. They think they are the only ones. That is one of the biggest lies you can tell yourself and it will only keep you from accomplishing the improvements you desire. Once you have understood this basic fact, then you are beginning. You are ready to at least accept that you and everyone else has problems.

The goal then becomes to find out what exactly are the things that are bad in your life. There is a reason that you need to do this. You cannot solve any problem, if at first you do not see that it exists. So in finding those bad things, you can then begin to work on changing them And it is important that you do so. You see if you do not, how do you ever expect to achieve happiness? True happiness will never find you, you must make an effort to find it.

That begins by defining the things that are bad in your life. Write them down if you have to. But at least take a little time each day to think about what you don’t like in your life. Then you can devise a plan of action. Hell, you can make a list of actions and pick the one that seems the most likely to accomplish what you hope to achieve. When you look at your options or plans of action, keep in mind you are looking for the one most likely to work, not the one that is the easiest to do.

Once you have chosen that plan of action, you must accept the decision you have made and stand firm. Follow through with it. Making a decision but not following through accomplishes nothing. It will require effort, it will require time and most likely nothing about it will be easy. However, you must look at what the end goal is and what it will accomplish. Keep your eyes and mind on that. It will help you to make the changes you need to do. It will help you to reinvent yourself. It will help you to refine yourself.

But, I suppose you might wonder the “why” of it. Why should I reinvent or refine myself? The answer to that is rather simple. Because if you don’t, not only will you not achieve the happiness you seek, you will become stagnant. You’ll just continue being unhappy and as more things go bad or wrong, you will go further and further away from happiness.

Thus you must strive daily to work toward your goal. You must set aside some time, even if it is only 5 mins a day to think, to plan, and then ultimately, take action. For the wheel must be reinvented and refined in order to keep turning. In order to keep rolling. A wheel that is not does not turn accomplishes nothing.

You are the wheel, my friend. Each of us is. We are all wheels in the big machine called life.



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