Maschine Mikro


Would you look at that? Ain’t it beautiful? O.k. Well, maybe that is a little over the top. However, it is indeed functional.

In keeping with the themes of my Reinventing the Wheel and Define Thyself posts, I decided that some changes needed to be made, in order for me to make my goals a reality. I believe this little machine(excuse the pun) will help me to obtain that. It will allow me to create the signature sound I have sought after and allow me much more freedom and less limitations than the iPad environment did. While the iPad may be great for expressiveness, I personally, have found it has limitations when really wanting to expand your rhythms and then get them out of the iPad environment as individual tracks. I have created some great song ideas while using the iPad. Yet, I have never been able to create an entire song completely on it. Well, at least not any great songs,lol!

That changes now…a new era of musical creation has begun for me. Now if I can just figure out how to get the box open… 🙂



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