WordPress.com condones cyberstalking!

I asked to have a subscriber I know in real life be removed because I did not want them nosing around in my life. I told them the subscriber gave me written permission to remove them(because they are too stupid to figure out how to do it themselves). I was told by them that they would not do it, thus allowing this person to keep getting emails of my posts. Well, here are the links to it, so you can read for yourself.

The forums-http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/removing-subscriber-1?replies=8

The Feed-http://en.forums.wordpress.com/rss/topic/removing-subscriber-1

I have to wonder now, exactly why I am still here?

What do you think of all this?




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2 responses to “WordPress.com condones cyberstalking!

  1. I think it’s time to look for another hosting website. It seems daft that they cannot do as you asked. Like you said, it only takes them a minute to do. I know it’s a lot of hassle to change over, but customer satisfaction should come first. It’s not like you asked for a lot.


  2. Yes, it is probably a good idea to move but I just have so many things on my plate right now. Landlord issues, medical problems, editing, writing, creating music, extra house work. In order to move the site, I would have to set something else on the back burner. Just don’t have enough time right to do much creative wise, so much other crap seems to be seeping into my life. There is 7 yrs. worth of posts here and it would require too large of a percentage of my time to move it. Eventually I will get to it though.


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