Bandcamp…I am there now.

What is Bandcamp? (one might ask if they cared to know) It is a place where musician’s can post their highest quality lossless songs and music up, and listeners can directly support them by buying their music and paying lower amounts, than traditional places offer. I have uploaded all of my music there, so now any one of my readers may now get my music in the best possible sound quality and I can now maybe make some real money, to pay for all those instruments and other tools I have been using to create the music you have all heard. I can even offer discounts now and for my readers I am going to offer them, the same discount I have offered my loyal Facebook fans. That is a 50% off on everything. Every song or album. The discount only lasts this month.

With the discount, it is like you are seeing a guy standing on the road and you toss them a quarter for playing for you, only you get to then take them home, and make them play that song again and again, in perfect pristine high quality lossless sound. Really, after Bandcamp takes their cut and my already low prices, that is what I get for each song, a quarter. That is why the discount only lasts one month. Obviously, at a quarter a song, I might as well just go sell all my instruments, lol! I wonder, can I sell my throat?

All of my songs are at the site, and the code, good for April ONLY, is “half”. This player only contains songs from one album and not my newest songs. But it gives you an idea of varied genres in which I create music.:)

Lastly, you might want to get an account there, not only for when I offer more free downloads of popular songs in the future, but also just because it is great place to hear new music. Just ask the kids, they probably already know about it.:)



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