My lists on Twitter…

The purpose of them is not what most people probably think. I have seen tweets about how they can be used to build blogs and such. Considering I have 658,899 hits(as of this moment) to my blog, that obviously would not be of use to me. Furthermore, 7 yrs. worth of content brings a steady stream of visitors everyday. So what is the purpose of my lists on Twitter?

The answer is a lot more simple than you would think. The purpose is to help out my followers. By sorting my followers into various lists, my followers can then easily find others with similar interests. While they are still a work in progress, my goal is to have it up to date weekly, with every follower being on at least one list.

Lastly, I should mention the list category of “Awesome Followers”. These are the followers who seem to grasp the basic concept that a favor should be returned. If I re-tweet or favorite a post of yours, you should do the same for me. Those followers who get this idea will make it to this list, those who do not, won’t. Furthermore, those who forget this simple concept, will be removed from the list. I believe good followers should be rewarded and that is what this list is for. 🙂

I hope this brief explanation was helpful to those who took the time to read it. TC and have a good one!



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