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As per my previous post(Taking a break has Benefits) I have been playing with my new Xbox One, mostly Titanfall and Assassin’s Creed. I also bought Ryse recently and plan on doing more with Project Spark. I finally set up my Twitch Channel, so I can broadcast. Here is the link for that-Lucid Chaos Twitch Channel .

So what might you expect to see while watching? I play both campaign and online modes. I tend to die a lot and curse when playing shooter games, but the games that require some thinking I do well in. I am also considering bringing a guitar into the game room, just to do some improve between games. I have not played a lot recently and could use some rust removal. And, of course, you get a taste of my wit, live and loud.:) It would be best, if you are interested in games or just little ole’ me, to subscribe so you know when I am broadcasting.

Don’t know how much broadcasting I will get done in the near future(probably will do some today) because word is, my 2nd novel Shadow Shifters is near being done with the first phase of editing, which means it will come back to me soon. I am guessing a week.

At any rate, I will post a permanent link to the channel on the left side of the blog(with my other links) later next week, just in case anyone loses the link. Subscribe and you won’t have to worry about that, lol!

Axe aka Lucid Chaos


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