A Quarter of a Century

How long is a quarter of a century? I suppose that sounds like a dumb question since the obvious answer is 25 yrs. However, I am not always an obvious person. In fact when I write, I have a tendency to be less than obvious. If we take Einstein’s theory of relativity into consideration, 25 yrs. may have passed but the joy of the time spent together may have made it seem, like only 25 minutes have passed. I can still remember that day we both skipped work, to go play, like it just happened yesterday.

People who know me in real life often think I am rude and blunt. I speak my mind, but they usually don’t take the time to find out why, I am saying to them what I am. Am I saying it to make them stronger? Am I saying it to make them better themselves? Am I challenging them? Maybe I might simply be saying it out of mere jest? It the end, ultimately, if you don’t at have enough patience to find out, then you won’t even begin to scratch the surface of what is me.

25 yrs ago today, my wife showed me she had the patience to read beyond the cover. She showed me she wanted to see the whole being that I am and she was rewarded(or cursed, depending on your viewpoint) with 25 yrs. of my presence. In return, I got the pleasure of learning what was within her. I got the pleasure of raising two boys and now of pursuing my dreams of writing and creating music. Our story has not yet ended, but it already is better than most others out there. 🙂

It would be a downright lie if I were to state that I know I will enjoy the next 25 yrs. because the honest truth of it is, I do not know that this body will actually last that long. That being the case, I will say this.

Jeannie, even if I don’t make it another 25 yrs. in corporeal form, I will still stick around to haunt you and keep those shadows at bay, until the time comes for you to join me. Whatever door, window, or light that lies beyond, can wait until you are ready to go with me. I say this not only because you deserve my patience, but also because I know, in my heart, that you would do the same for me.

Thank you for these last 25 yrs. and let’s continue writing the greatest love story ever written, baby.


(You know who)



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