The Meanings Behind The Music

If there is one true law of writing, it that in everything we write, we should seek out the truth. This rule stands for both Non-Fiction and Fiction. It is, those grains of truth sprinkled throughout the work, that binds it together. Of course, you might think, “what truth can there be found in fiction?” If you just remember, that truth is always a matter of perspective, then you have answered your own question.

I carry, this ideal, this notion, this law of writing, into my music when writing lyrics, but I do it in a much more subtle way. I do not come out and say, ” We fucked up, ruined our world and have created great, painful cages of our lives.” Obviously I could do that and that might be cool to some. It might be dope, fresh, and word, but it is not the type of lasting message or image, I wish to display to the world. Not that there is anything wrong with it or that I think I am better than others. It, quite simply, is just not me. Remember now, I am trying to maintain truth in my lyric writing, and writing lyrics that are not me, is not truthful.

Because I am less than obvious in the meanings of my songs, I believe, on some level, that my music remains misunderstood. Therefore, I thought today I would use an example or two. My hope, is that in doing this, we understand each other better. So let’s start with my last song,.. maestro cue the lyrics. Obviously, things such as “oh yeah”, “No, no, no”, “oh baby” and such, are not lyrics. They are just used as segways into the next section of the song.

What They Seem

Intro- Oh yeah,yeah,ah

1st verse-

What is seen,

Is just a dream.

Chorus- What you see, is not reality.

2nd verse-

What you see,

Is not reality.

It’s just illusion,

Lies and confusion.

It’s true

Chorus- What you see, is not reality.

3rd verse-

We wear a new face,

Each time and place.

Killing the human race,

Look at the pain we face.

Chorus- What you see, is not reality.

Outro- What They Seem and then a mix of 4 different endings/takes.


This song is not obvious in its meaning I realize, but I write my music not only to speak the truth, but also in hopes that it might make you consider what the lyrics may mean. Would the song make more sense, if I told you it is about the cooperate and government cover ups involving global warming? The hard, cold truth is that corporations, governments, and scientists have known about the impact of our CO2 emissions for more than 60 yrs.

Don’t believe me? Do the research. Too much work for you? O.K., then go spend just one hour and watch Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Episode titled “The World Set Free” and learn a little.

My music is not obvious for a reason. I want people to think. Thinking is the first step in a new direction… whatever your destination might be.

Each song that I have lyrics in, has a hidden meaning. Get To Steppin’- A fun dance song about removing negative people from your life. Massive Maschine- A song about our planet, which is the massive machine that we need to keep greased, and running smoothly. Keep Moving- Is about getting past obstacles. Just move on and don’t let them stop you. Chill Me Down- It’s about the importance of taking time out for yourself. To kick back and think on things.

I hope now that I have explained this to you, that your eyes have opened a little and you begin to see, what is not so obvious. That by doing this with ALL media; music, writing, or video, you look for the deeper meaning(if there is one even), that you look at what the artist may be trying to present to you. That you see with opened eyes whether the artist is someone of substance, who wants to make a positive impact upon the world, or is out just to make a buck. That you take a little time before buying something, and look into who you are supporting. In the end, it is you the reader, the listener, the watcher, who will ultimately dictate the future of humanity. You will do so by choosing, what to support. Either we, as a people, support positive change or we don’t and those who come in the future, will face the consequences of those decisions.


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