The Future of Music

Nobody can accurately predict any future event, for the future has far too many possibilities and is never engraved in concrete. But for today, I am going to pretend, like I do not have my head up my ass, and make an educated guess.

The future of music is streaming. Apple apparently agrees, and so do many other businesses, who are now backing these streaming services. While this might be a great idea for the music fan who likes to surf music, it is not a great idea for musicians. We already put so much money into the equipment we use to create the music and none of it is cheap. Even apps add up after a time. That is why sites who host a musician’s music for FREE such as Soundcloud (limited amount of tracks), Reverbnation (limited quality of tracks), and Bandcamp (only accepts lossless files) are important to musicians. We musicians already spent so much just to get the equipment, not to mention the many years of learning, and having to market ourselves. In the future, we will be expected to pay more money, to be on a streaming service. In hopes, that someone will actually, buy something.

Let face it, I create music for fun. It is something I like to do. That is why I do not give a rat’s ass if people buy it and it is also why I have entire digital CD downloads for only $4.00. I do not care about making money from doing it. However, I do care about spending money, on something I am not making any money on. I have bills to pay like everyone else.

If this is indeed the future of music, I will probably just start giving away my music, and sell all my music equipment. There is no sense in creating things, nobody is going to get the chance to enjoy! It’s reasons like this, that people need to support indie musicians. Without fan support, the music dies.

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2 responses to “The Future of Music

  1. I am not a musician but I can totally see where you are coming from. The “quick get it now” time we live in is destroying a lot of businesses. Like photography (one of my businesses)- since everything is going digital photographers are loosing alot of $$$ from prints. Now you give a disk instead of getting to charge for prints. Also since high quality camera are installed in everything (even Iphones)- people are not as willing to pay for photography services because everyone and their mom has a camera and thinks they are a photographer. haha. Anyway- different industry but I understand where you are coming from. Thats why it is so important to love what you do- because you have to make it big- to make it at all! Best wishes to you.


  2. Yeah, I have a $500 Nikon camera and have taken some awesome pics but people just don’t get the difference between a good photo and a great one. I even created a blog here to show off and let people use some of the pics but no one does. Music otoh is a whole different ball game. I have spent at least $5000.00 over the 12 yrs. I have been creating music on my own. I did it because I love it and quite frankly I am damn decent at it. But there is no way in hell I am going to spend more money for less returns. Sorry, but the time may come soon where I will have to let the music die and concentrate solely on writing. thx for replying. comments are always welcome!


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