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My announcement of the new digital album “New Times” showed me a number of things. Firstly, I already knew that the last song Slipping By would use most of my remaining space at Soundcloud, which meant quite simply, if the album sales did not do well, then there would be no money for a space upgrade at Sound cloud. It was my hope, that in supporting other Musicians on Twitter, that they would return the favor and RT my album announcement. This did not happen. Therefore, there will no space upgrade to the Soundcloud account. I may post a few teasers for next year’s album…if I even decide to pursue that.

You can only bang your head against the wall so many times before you start to bleed. I have come to that point. I cannot and will not continue to explain or justify any more music related purchases of apps or equipment, when there is no return on the investment. I can always justify to myself creating the music because I love to do it, but I cannot justify more burden on my wife, when nobody is willing to support the musical work. Sorry, I love my wife too much to do that.

Now whether I even bother with posting any more songs to Bandcamp(or Reverbnation) is an entirely different matter, and I suppose it is one, that the fans will ultimately decide. You see, I can continue creating music and fulfill my desire to create. I do not HAVE to share them with anyone in order to satisfy that desire. Thus ,it really is up to the fans on whether I share. If they show a desire and willingness to support me, and any future music I create, then I will decide to share the music. If they don’t, I won’t.

It is not all about the money, it is also about desire. The money is a pittance at best. I mean really, selling songs for $.50 literally nets me a quarter per song, after Bandcamp’s take and taxes. So obviously that is not important. What IS important is that fans show a real desire to support what I am creating. If the support does not exist, then the desire to share, will not either. It is simply how life works. I am a real person who has feelings and like anyone else, when I feel my time is being wasted on something, I move on.

You, my friends, followers, fans, readers, and fellow musicians will decide the fate of my music, not I. That reminds me of a quote I heard someone say on a TV show. The quote goes something like this… “Given the choice and opportunity, people will ALWAYS choose to do the stupid and selfish thing, every time.” I hope that all of you prove that quote wrong. But, in the end, the choice is yours to make. It affects you more than me, because I will still be able to create, YOU just won’t be able to hear it.





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4 responses to “About the Music…

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  2. I support your music but I can’t afford to pay for it! I know that sounds like cop out but I really can’t! I hope that you get the support you need! I love the music scene! My son, who is a musician, has to give me music as I can’t even afford his-lol! 😀


  3. There is more than one way to support a musician(as I stated in the post). Re-posting their new music to other sites is one of them and most won’t even bother with a few mouse clicks. If they can’t bother with a few clicks, then why should I bother with the time it takes to share it. Just sharing means uploading the music to at least a couple of different sites(one for mp3 and one for lossless at least) and linking these uploads to places like this blog, twitter, and so forth. I can assure the time it takes for me to share it, is 1000 times longer than what it would take a follower or fan.
    It matters not to me in the end…less work for me and fans/followers can pay 10 times the amount it is now, once I am dead. I have instructed my wife to raise the price of ALL my creative works upon my death because I realize now that nobody appreciates anything until it is gone.


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