10k Twitter followers…

It looks like I shall have made it to this point within a day or 2 and it makes me think. Whatever should I do to celebrate this once in a lifetime event? It seems to me I could never have gotten here alone. It was some extremely awesome followers who helped me along the way. Through their open or hidden communications(DM) or with their wallet through purchases or through their time by reading and reviewing…all of these followers have contributed in a way that deserves to be rewarded.

Thus upon reaching 10k followers, I will put all of these very special and active follower’s names into a hat( I’m sure I can find one) and the lucky winner will receive either digital versions of one of my CDs or a digital version of one of my books, including the yet to be released Shadow Shifters 2 (you should have read the first book for this prize to be of use to you).

At any rate, I believe all my followers are important and had a role to play in my getting this far. I believe those that have given more of their time to my efforts should be rewarded and not just with my wonderful company.:)

Thank ALL of you for coming along for the ride and I hope to share many more smiles and laughs with you. Have a frickin’ awesome day EVERYONE! 🙂

Axe aka JB


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