The music has not died, Part 2

While I will continue making music, the chance of EVER seeing me perform any song live, has died. Nobody took me seriously when I said I had a booking agent, and was looking for band members who wanted exposure, and to make money. Since I could not find even a single bandmate to do the shows with, I had to tell my booking agent to just remove me, from her client list. Don’t believe I would give up the chance to recoup some of the money I have been spending all these years on equipment? Click on the picture and see the email yourself.

Show turn down

Because of having to give up this opportunity, I am going to put out such a good CD next time, that every fan and musician will regret not supporting me, when the opportunity was there. The chance to rise above, has drifted by my fellow musicians, and you missed it. Oh well, looks like my readers who fully support my work, will have me all to themselves.


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